Parents Love Electronic 

Childcare Registration Forms

Directors report that parents love electronic childcare registration forms.

“The reviews are in, and Guidestar is a hit!”

“As a parent of three kids, having to enroll them and re-enroll them in various schools and activities, let me just say this was the easiest most wonderful experience. Thanks so much for using this Guidestar program, it really made my life easier. So appreciated!”

“Most of my parents are so happy that I did this.”

“A former parents committee member was telling me how so many families have told her how happy they are with the online registration system … because it's so much easier … Just a lot of positive feedback. Then a new parent chimed in that she has used online systems at several schools and most of them are really difficult to use or annoying and this was just so easy to use and she loved it.”

“We have been to several other childcare centers and the paperwork involved has always been a time-consuming task.  I was a little worried that I would mess it up but using your program made it so easy to just do it on my computer and send it off.  Thank you for offering online registration.”

Families love the simple link that makes their enrollment seamless.


“The online registration made registering our children in preschool so simple. We could access the registration forms on multiple devices which made it very convenient for both of us to work on them.  I am very impressed that I can change the information whenever I need to in one step!  Thanks for making this so easy for us.”

(Directors gave us permission to quote them)