Director Endorsements

It is great pleasure to share the comments below that I received from child care directors using automated electronic forms. Knowing that I helped them be more effective in their efforts to care for and educate children is a great reward for me. They authorized me to post their email addresses so you can contact them directly if you wish.

"Guidestar Forms is an absolute game changer for my schools. I have been a customer for many years and have never looked back.  The continued support and Fred’s willingness to help us solve problems by creating special forms, reports and customizations when we need them is a demonstration of how he is willing to go above and beyond to help his clients.  The prices are reasonable and fair and he is an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend Guidestar Forms to anyone looking for a reasonably priced solution to tracking, reporting, registration and more. Great product, great support."

Brandy Rasmussen, Executive Director and Owner

Creekside Kids, PEEK Program, Rasmussen Ranch, Park City, Utah

Subscriber since 2019

“I am so glad I responded to your email outreach. You made it amazingly easy for me to set up my electronic registration forms. Automated electronic forms significantly reduced my workload during my recent registration cycle. Most of my parents are so happy that I did this. So thank you so much for making my life easier!”

Kelli Marshall, Director and Owner

The Little Red School House, Cresson, Pennsylvania

Subscriber since 2014

“I use Guidestar Forms for our center of about 60 preschool students. I was initially resistant to the change from paper files to online forms. I am not computer savvy and I was concerned that I wouldn’t get the support needed to use it successfully. I also wondered if all this change would be worth it. It’s been almost 2 years using Guidestar and I am happy to say it is definitely worth it and Fred made the transition so easy! He was so patient and helpful while I was learning the system and is still very available every time I have a question (even returning my call from his vacation one time).  Fred has been able to add every unique request I’ve had for my center as well. I am thrilled with convenience of the online forms and more than satisfied with the support.” 

Rebecca Mancuso, Owner and Director

Creative Learning Center, Derwood, Maryland

Subscriber since 2016

“Guidestar forms tailored all my forms to my individual needs. Dr. Messing responded quickly and clearly to all my questions. He made certain I understood everything. I am not comfortable with all computer programs but Dr. Messing made sure this was easily usable for me. He was prompt and professional from the start. I couldn’t believe how quickly he set up the program! I highly recommend Guidestar’s automated electronic forms to all directors!”

Marisa Schaefer, Director

Rhymes & Reasons, Teaneck, New Jersey

Subscriber since 2014

“Guidestar Forms has been a gamechanger for our preschool enrollment process. The electronic enrollment forms provided by Guidestar Forms have not only streamlined the process but also significantly increased parent engagement. The ease of use allows parents to complete forms promptly and update information as needed, leading to a more efficient enrollment experience.

One of the standout features is the ability to effortlessly pull reports on crucial information such as immunizations, allergies, emergency contacts from any electronic device. This functionality has proven invaluable, providing quick and convenient access to essential data. Guidestar has truly transformed our enrollment procedures, making it an indispensable tool for any preschool. I highly recommend Guidestar for its efficiency and ease of use.”

Daisy Mendoza, Owner and Director

Little Hands of America, Hialeah, Florida

Subscriber since 2019

I have absolutely loved the professional service that Fred Messing has provided to my program throughout the years.  Families love the simple link that makes their enrollment seamless.  I love the way that it makes me look even more professional from the very start of my enrollment process.  I thank his dedication, continual support, and patience.

Angela Bayer-Persico, Owner

Little Angels Child Development, Yonkers, New York

Subscriber since 2020

"I used to spend countless hours filing, reading, tracking, updating, and transcribing data from paper forms.  It was completely overwhelming.  Now parents type in all of the data. A color-coded, up to date spreadsheet tailored to my specific needs is just a click away at any time so I can see at a glance what forms are missing or expiring and what data has been entered for each child.  I easily distribute all emergency information to the teachers electronically so they have immediate access on their phones at all times.  No more piles of papers for them to carry.  My licensing agent loved the ease and speed with which she was able to access all necessary data.  This service has saved me so much time and stress I can’t imagine running my school without it. Guidestar Forms has been a lifesaver!"

Alexis Tinsley, Consultant

Vision Early Childhood Education Consulting, Silver Spring, Maryland

(Alexis is my daughter. She wrote this when she was working as a preschool director. I originally developed the automated forms service for her school in 2014. Alexis is now working as a childcare consultant.)