Automated Electronic Forms Service

Families complete and submit online electronic forms: Families complete electronic enrollment and licensing forms on a secure, access controlled, website using a home computer, tablet, or smart phone. They select a username and password enabling them to complete the form in several sessions, submit updates when information changes, or renew the child’s registration without reentering any information. 

You receive an electronic form report: Your authorized administrator receives an email notification as each form is submitted and on-demand reports containing all information in all electronic forms. No new software is installed on your computers. You only need Microsoft Excel, Word, and any browser. Once the report is saved on your computer, you do not need an Internet connection to use the automated tools. 

Automatically track enrollment and licensing form submission and expiration: The submission summary tool automatically tracks submissions for each child, displays age on class cutoff date, and generates alerts when a child needs a new physical examination or registration forms are about to expire: the cell turns yellow 60 days before expiration and displays days to expiration; the cell turns red for expired forms. 

Access all information on your computer in seconds: Use the form worksheet tool to locate any information on your computer in seconds for any child. Select a child from the automatic drop-down list of children in cell B1 and scroll through the entire form on your computer. 

Automatically monitor immunization status for all children: The immunization tool automatically monitors immunization status for each children based on the child’s age and your state’s immunization requirements. Automatic alerts notify you when a child needs a new dose: the cell turns yellow when a new dose is required within 60 days; the cell turns red when the dose is overdue. Exempt children’s cells are gray.

Automatically create class roster: Using the roster tool, select any class from the rop-down list and create a roster for any class. Class rosters include automated birthday reminders highlighted in green. Any information in the electronic form can be included in the roster. 

Automatically tabulate enrollment statistics: The statistics tool automatically tabulates the number of children enrolled in each class or program to avoid over enrollment and comply with child/teacher ratio licensing rules. It also tabulates forms submitted, forms expired, and if you have a variable meal program, it will tabulate meals served each day. 

Automatically create teacher (emergency) card: The teacher tool automatically creates teacher (emergency) cards containing each child’s name, enrollment information, parent contacts, emergency contacts, pickup (release) authorizations, key medical information, and any other information your teachers need to have on hand. When parents update information, you can create new cards for any number of children automatically in seconds. You have the option to print the cards or distribute them electronically to teacher and administrator smart phones or classroom tablets using free online services such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Google Drive. Having the information on smart phones or tablets is particularly convenient for off-site activities or facility evacuations. Click here to download a sample. 

Automatically create directory of children and parents: The directory tool automatically creates a directory of children and parents for all or some of the families. Any of the information on the electronic form can be included. Parents use the directory to arrange play dates, car pools, and parties for their children. You can also automatically create parent email lists and address labels. 

Administrator Portal: Submitted forms are always available to authorized administrators with no concerns about misfiling, illegible handwriting, or removal of paper forms from folders. Authorized administrators read electronic forms or download them as PDF documents.