Guidestar Attendance Service

Guidestar Attendance is an easy to use service for recording child care attendance that eliminates distribution, collection, collating, filing, and archiving of paper attendance records.

Child attendance: Teachers or other staff members record each child's arrival, arrival temperature (optional), and departure on a smart phone, tablet, ​or computer. Centers can enable parents to record each child's arrival or departure.

Staff attendance: Staff members record their own arrival and departure each day and their personal or sick leave.

Meal record: Centers that keep records of meals served to children for the Child and Adult Care Food Program or other purposes enable staff members to record all meals served to each child each day at point of service.

Automated date and time stamp: Date and time of arrival, departure, and meal record are automatically recorded, ensuring accurate records.

Test drive teacher portal: Click here and sign in with username: Abigail Goldman and password: Guidestar2020 (password is case sensitive). All  children are simulated.

Select either class attendance, staff attendance, or meals.

Select location and class and click the selection buttons.

Check boxes and click submit.

​Test drive parent portal: While signed as administrator Abigail Goldman, click Kiosk Mode to launch the parent portal. ​Sign in with username: Soledad Rodriguez and password: Guidestar2021.

Record attendance for any of her three children: Edwardo, Katarina, and Lynetta.

To record attendance for other children who are in her carpool, search by last name: Cuthbert, Pham, Boehm.

Administration:   Administrators control parent and teacher access, class names, children assigned to each class, and parent-child relationships. Administrators automatically create on-demand reports of daily, weekly, and monthly attendance; daily, weekly, and monthly time (hours) in class; daily arrival temperature; and daily, weekly, and monthly individual meals served to each child. Administrators have the option to create reports for any time period and for any or all classes.

Click below to download sample reports. All children in these reports are simulated. Any resemblence to the names of actual individuals is purely coincidental.

Daily attendance report

Weekly attendance report

Monthly attendance report

Daily time (hours) in class

​​Weekly time (hours) in class

Monthly time (hours) in class

Temperatures report

Daily individual meals served report

Weekly individual meals served report

Monthly individual meals served report

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