Forms ​Features

For parents

●  No repeated information on multiple forms

●  No copying or mailing paper forms

●  Update online at their convenience when information changes

For teachers

●  Information always current and legible

●  Store on smart phone or tablet – especially convenient when away from facility

For administrators

●  Automatically track submissions for each child

●  Automatically receive alerts when health forms are about to expire

●  Automatically monitor immunization compliance

●  Automatically create class and program rosters

●  Automatically tally class and program enrollment

●  Automatically create teacher (emergency) cards

●  Automatically create allergy lists to post in classrooms

●  Automatically receive birthday reminders

●  Automatically create directory of children and parents

●  Automatically create parent email lists and address labels

●  Automatically receive updates provided by parents

●  Automatically receive email alerts as each electronic form is submitted by a parent

●  Locate any information on your desktop in seconds for any child

●  Easy electronic distribution of selected information to teachers

●  Permanently archive form data to meet record keeping requirements

●  Send bulk text messages to parent cell phones

●  Never transcribe information from paper forms

●  No forms misfiled

●  No forms removed from child’s folder

●  No one has to check files prior to inspection

●  No illegible handwriting

●  Accessible from multiple facility locations

●  Facilitates licensing and accreditation inspections

For care providers offering meals under the Child and Adult Care Food Program

●  Automatic household income and household size calculation

●  Automatic eligibility recommendation based on USDA guidelines

●  Automatic alerts when forms are about to expire

●  Automatic program statistics tabulation

●  Automatic annual updates provided by households

●  Automatic identification of common income reporting errors

●  Automatic email notification when new forms are submitted

●  Electronically collect, store, update, and print income eligibility forms

●  Facilitates program audit