Electronic Forms and Attendance

 for Childcare Providers

Thousands of families across America register their children for early learning centers, preschools, Montessori schools, religious schools, after school programs, and summer camps using our contactless electronic forms that automate collection, tracking, use, and record keeping of enrollment and licensing forms. Centers record children's arrival, arrival temperature, and departure using our electronic attendance service.

We developed Guidestar Forms’ automated electronic forms and attendance services because early childhood education is America's most important profession. Educators help young children develop positive social-emotional skills and encourage their naturally inquisitive minds to expand their cognitive skills, enabling children to be successful in their own lives and to contribute to the more just and free society we all strive for – a society where every person has equal opportunity to achieve her or his inherent potential.

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We customize electronic forms to meet licensing requirements in each jurisdiction and to meet each provider's individual needs. Our services are available in all 50 US states, District of Columbia, US territories, Canadian provinces, and Canadian territories. Please read what child care directors say about our services on the Director Endorsements page.

With automated electronic forms child care administrators

●  Automatically track submissions for each child

●  Automatically receive alerts when health and registration forms are about to expire

●  Automatically monitor immunization compliance

●  Automatically create class and program rosters

●  Automatically tabulate class and program enrollment statistics

●  Automatically create teacher (emergency) cards

●  Automatically create allergy lists to post in classrooms

●  Automatically receive birthday reminders

●  Automatically create directory of children and parents

●  Automatically create parent email lists and address labels

●  Automatically receive updates provided by parents

●  Automatically receive email notification as each form is submitted by a parent

●  Permanently archive form data to meet record keeping requirements

●  Send text messages to parent cell phones

●  Locate any information on their desktop in seconds for any child

●  Never transcribe information from paper forms because it is all available electronically

Optional forms are available for a small additional fee. Our most popular optional electronic forms are Staff Records and USDA's Child and Adult Care Food Program income eligibiltity forms.

​Guidestar Attendance is an easy to use service for recording child care attendance. Teachers record each child's arrival and departure on a smart phone, tablet, or computer. ​Centers can enable parents to record each child's arrival or departure as well. Centers that maintain records of meals served to children for the Child and Adult Care Food Program or other purposes enable teachers to record all meals served to each child.

With our Staff Record automated electronic forms, administrators

●  Automatically receive alerts when background checks are about to expire

●  Automatically receive alerts when mandatory retraining is required

●  Automatically track required document submission for each employee

●  Maintain education, training, and previous employment records

●  Maintain employee and emergency contact information

With our Medication Administration Log form

●  Teachers and other staff members record each medication administration on a smart phone, tablet, ​or computer.

●  Administrators electronically archive medication administration logs or print the logs in their state mandated format.  

With Child and Adult Care Food Program Income Eligibility automated electronic forms, administrators receive

●  Automatic household income and household size calculation

●  Automatic eligibility recommendation based on USDA guidelines

●  Automatic alerts when forms are about to expire

●  Automatic program statistics tabulation

●  Automatic updates provided by households

●  Automatic identification of common income reporting errors

●  Automatic email notification when new forms are submitted

We also provide optional custom forms which we implement upon request such as

●  Daily Health Check Form for centers that want parents to document confirmation that their children do not have symptoms of COVID-19 or other illness.

●  Drop in forms

●  Head Start and Early Head Start applications

●  Report cards

●  Admission applications

●  Contact or inquiry forms

●  State and Custom forms

When a center needs to export the information into a document to deliver to parents, a state agency, or a partner agency, we provide tools to format the data accordingly. Samples are available on our Custom Forms page

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